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Nature vacation on a community farm

Do you fancy a vacation in the pure nature of Latvia?

Then our community farm is the best place to be.

Spend the best days of the year on a family-friendly holiday farm! True to the motto - farm to participate - we enable our guests to have authentic farm experiences. Whether collecting eggs, milking goats or looking after the rest of the farm animals - you are very welcome to participate in all farm activities. Vacation on our small farm in Latvia - these are many unique opportunities to experience rural tradition, closeness to nature and our special hospitality. We look forward to welcome you! Sebastian, Alessa, Johanna, Pablo
Sebastian After 15 years of working in tourism and event management, I fulfilled my big dream in Latvia in 2013. Now I use my tourist experience and operate since 2014 the holiday complex UPES DIZVIETAS and since 2015 the tour operator LATVIA OUTDOOR. Alessa In early summer 2020 I came and stayed as a guest. I bake fresh bread every morning, take care of the goats and make delicious cheese, as well as processing our harvest into jam and chutneys.
Johanna Traveling and getting to know new cultures and customs is my passion. This is how I found my way to Latvia on my travels. Now I would like to expand my horticultural knowledge, as well as my knowledge of herbs and other plants, and pass it on to all of our guests. Pablo In summer 2020 I came as a guest. Life on the farm in and with nature fascinated me so much that some time later I decided to stay permanently. Now I use my manual skills to contribute to daily work and many new projects.
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