What’s included: * 3-day Festival ticket          * 2 nights camping in officially designated places          * parking
FESTIVAL TICKETS   50  per person FAMILY TICKETS   For small groups of 6 - 10 people 45  per person GROUP TICKETS   For groups of 10 and more people 40  per person
For reservations please click on the boxes, or send an email to info@latvia-outdoor.de
How to get there Tickets / Volunteering Home Lineup
Volunteering There's no way the PROJECT NUTOPIA could happen without the support of volunteers! Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to participate and support PROJECT NUTOPIA. When you join our team, you will meet new friends and connect with Djs and team members from all over Europe. Enjoy the vibes of PROJECT NUTOPIA in exchange for a commitment of 25 hours of work. Please fill in the volunteer application form and send it to info@latvia-outdoor.de