Latvia Outdoor
Upes Dizvietas

Upes Dizvietas Holiday Resort is the ideal starting point to get to know the

nature park "Daugavas Loki" and the Latgalian culture.

Bread museum

There are hundreds of different recipes and types of bread in Latvia. As a staple food of the peasant population, it has gained important importance in Latvian culture. Many traditions and proverbs are associated with bread. The Bread Museum in Aglone offers an insight into the different cereals and production processes of different types of bread. When have you ever made and baked your own bread? In Aglona you have the opportunity. After the sightseeing you can enjoy a rich meal with many local specialties. 

Rope course

The experience "Ropes course" is suitable for all who enjoy the movement in the nature and like to do sports. The course is built that the whole family can let off steam. A large forest area, a small playground, resting places, everything is geared to families.

Horseback riding

What could be better than being in nature on a horse back? The guided Ride through the nature park "Daugavas Loki", along the border with Belarus or just let the soul dangle on wide meadows. Get to know country and people from a completely new perspective.

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